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PostSubject: Guide!   12/2/2007, 17:49


If your soldier wishes to be a champion then your primary focus will be pure damage that hits. Champ uses two-handed weapons because two handed weapons 0wn3s j00. The damage are very powerful though the downside will be attack speed of course (without the jewelries). The champ can own every monster in the game as long as it is a duel (not gangbanging monsters) because champs are single target based they don’t have powerful AoE skills and defense.


Main stat is STR-CON

Strength – it is the primary stat for the champ because it increases max hp, damage, max weight limit, and defence. This stat should be maxed every level up you concur like 2pts. Damage is so much needed for us champs to kill monsters in a short amount of time and compromising our hp minimally.

Dexterity – it increases movement speed and dodge rate also increases damage. This stat should be minimal but it is also needed because champs have roughly good defense so dodge is slightly needed too so you can dodge some of the enemy’s attacks.

Concentration – it is the secondary main stat for the champ because it increases hit rate, also it increases hp/mp recovery during rest. Concentration should be roughly 40%- 45% of your strength stat points because missing attacks/hits sucks and champs needs the damage be eaten by the monsters. Another one is judge your weapon’s hit rate, it should be high enough like 60 above. ***Regarding PvP con is important when fighting especially with hawkers (and I know you don’t want your Leap/Champ Hit to miss do you?) because they can dodge your attacks and you can’t get descent hits. And to finally increase hit rate “crack shot ring or hit ring is a must have for us champs”

Intelligence – it increases max mp and magic resistance. This stat is never needed for a champ unless you want to execute more blood attacks and champion hits. Then make it a total of 20 points total only but its up to you if you want to increase more or needed more. Anyway there’s mental mastery.

Charm – increases luck in the battlefield and increases quest reward. Also it will make the monsters lure onto you so watch out. This is also somewhat important because it increases the item drop rates as for my observation but for about like 10%-20%.

Sensibility – increases critical hits, also needed for crafting, gun damage. Also this stat should be minimal for a champ like 25% or 30% of your total strength point


Weapon Mastery – it governs the damage of weapons of one-hand and two-hand weapons. It increases the damage of one-hand weapon by 33 and two-hand weapon by 45. This one should be maxed out early to enhance damage and also to unlock two-hand mastery. Affects Leap Attack/Champion hit/Berserk bonuses. SKILL RATING – 10/10

Two-Hand Mastery – Prereq “level 10 weapon mastery” (Level 70 skill) it also enhances the damage made by two-hand weapons. When you get to Champ level max it out. Though the skill point requirement is heavy. Affects Leap Attack/Champion hit/Berserk bonuses. SKILL RATING – 10/10

Armor Mastery – it increases defense rating up to 43 max. As we know champs are offensive not defensive so our defense rate is mediocre. Knights are the only one that can attain 11-20 points here. This skill is needed to be maxed out in early levels. To tank more. It also helps in the defense deduction made by berserk. SKILL RATING – 10/10

Hardened Body – it increases max hp to make you tank better. Also it makes you have an allowance of the defense loss made by berserk. It increases your survival in gangbangs by monsters. Max is level 10 it can further go to 11-20 when you reach level 70. it should be maxed out on early levels. You can go further when you maxed out other important attack skills. SKILL RATING – 10/10

Quick Step – it increases movement speed better than those *** fairy wings (to flee awa from mobbing monsters lol). Max skill is 5 it can further go to 6-10 when you became a champ. As for PvP this skill is useful for escaping hawkers and to charge long range attackers. SKILL RATING – 7/10

Mental Mastery – it increases max mp. It is one of the useless skills because only 10mp per skill level are added. And when you maxed it out lots of sp are wasted. Just make this 6-7 skill points max. SKILL RATING – 5/10


Leap Attack – the power skill. This is the main attack move for champs because of the heavy damage it deals. Max damage at level 10 make 150 additional damage points. Though this skill uses hp not mp. At max level 80hp is required for each leap attack. The skill also makes 30%-40% stun hit that makes enemies fainted for at least 5 seconds (an advantage to recover hp) Cool down rate is about 10-13seconds. a prereq for champ hit. SKILL RATING – 10/10

Champion Hit – Prereq “level 10 leap attack” (Level 70 skill) the godly power attack in the face of R.O.S.E. 160 damage begins at first level and increases by 17 each level. Also it uses mp instead of hp. Downside of the attack is it consumes 70mp at first level and increases by 4 by each level. So a lot of juices are needed to continuously use the uber skill. This skill should be totally maxed out to make outrageous damage, again the downside is mana consumption. Cool down rate for this skill is longer. You can execute leap while recharging. SKILL RATING – 11/10

Heavy Attack - damage attack but not as powerful as leap and champ. This skill just adds a little style for your attacks though not that useful because of the small damage it makes. But if you want to obtain space attack max this out. Uses mp to execute. Cool down rate is fast enough. SKILL RATING – 3/10

Space Attack - Prereq “level 10 heavy attack” (Level 70 skill) it makes attack by using the spirit of the weapon you are wielding. Ranged attack of 20m makes it good for spamming first hits to the bosses. This skill is also useful for fleeing monsters and luring monsters to you. For PvP you could also use this for range attack and escaping enemies. Leap attack and champ hit still prevails than this skill. My advice o for this if you maxed out other important skills. Uses mp to execute. SKILL RATING – 6/10

Double Attack / Triple Attack – damage attack that make a two hit combo way much weaker than leap attack and champ hit. Uses mp to execute. Level 11 double attack require level 70.once the skill level reaches 19-20 it will automatically be overwritten to triple attack. New animation for your attack that makes a three hit combo. SKILL RATING – 2/10

Berzerk – a duration skill. It increases offense but sacrificing defense loss. It increases every attack made by you. One of the important skills a champ needed. It adds a total of 57 attack and defense -25 at level 10 and lasts fairly long. You can max it out from 11-20 when you reach level 70. The only downside of this skill is the defense loss and it’s a significant amount of defense loss. SKILL RATING – 9/10

Blood Attack – a leeching skill. As you attack using this skill you could recover a significant amount of hp in exchange for mp. Not that important because it uses a lot of mp. Though this skill is a lifesaver because it recovers some 200+ hp instantly giving you some allowance to recover and to live longer in gruesome fights. Cool down rate is fair. SKILL RATING – 7/10

Spin Attack – an AoE skill with a spinning attack ranging up to 20m. but still also useless because of the required sp for this skill is steep and you also need to increase mental mastery for that. Cool down is long.SKILL RATING – 2/10

Divine Force – a ranged magic attack. Range of attack is 20m. It is one of the useless skills for a champ. As for me I only made it level 1 for first hitters. Cool down rate is somewhat long. SKILL RATING – 2/10


When your soldier reaches level 70, second job quest will be activated and you will choose for path. And of course we choose the way of the champion.

1. first you go to mayor Darren in the middle of junon polis and talk to him for the second job quest. After that he will tell you to go to crune the weapons dealer in junon.

2. talk to crune then he will tell you about a king lushed blah blah blah. Then he will ask you to retrieve lushed’s crown by killing crawfi kings at the beach of genzi

*note: this is a random drop so this quest will really depend on your luck. I pumped my charm to a total of 30 and I just killed 2 crawfi kings then the item dropped.

*technique: due to the number of players at the beach hunting crawfi kings will be a bit frustrating so I suggest you to stay in one place only and wait for the king to spawn because running around will make it hard for you to catch it and it will end others first hitting it. Also be alert when you are waiting in the spawn place like rotating camera and looking around. You just need the first hit to obtain the hunt.

After you retrieve the crown go back to crune.

3. give the crown to crune and he will tell you some things blah blah blah. Then he will ask you to talk to leonar at zant about lushed’s sword. After that go to zant and talk to leonar.

4. after talking to leonar he will give you a quest in retrieving lushed’s sword parts (there are a total of five) in the goblin cave B2 by killing goblin warriors.

*note: also a random drop depends on your luck also so just kill goblin warriors until you retrieve all the five parts of the sword.

After you retrieve the parts go back to leonar and talk to him.

5. after talking to leonar he will tell you to go to the hill of wind and find the weapon craftsman there. The craftsman will assemble the sword. Go there and talk to him.

6. upon talking to the craftsman he will tell you a problem blah blah blah that he needs the scroll of friendship to be able to assemble it. He will tell you that you need to kill stone golems in gorge of silent. So… go there…

7. kill stone golooms until the scroll drops. Again this quest is also random drop so be patient and kill stone golooms. After you obtain it go back to the weapon craftsman at the hill of wind. And talk to him

8. upon talking to him he will tell you to wait until he completes the sword. Then talk to him again and he will give you the fully furnished sword. And he will tell you to go to jones at junon to give it to the museum. Jones is located at south of junon.

9. after you give the sword to jones he will give you a letter of recommendation for the second job.

10. after that conversation go talk to mayor Darren he will ask you to donate 200,000 zuly, and he will give you the second job. So…..pay…then choose champ….


Buy second job skills at mayor Darren.. though they cost a bit so…buy em!

hope this helps
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