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 katar/dual hawker guide

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PostSubject: katar/dual hawker guide   12/2/2007, 17:53

This guide is meant To Educate Noobs on the Katar Hawker. I havent Made one but i knew many Katar Hawkers in Rose and they told me Some Valuable Stuff, But this was back in the Beta Test Days so some or All of this info may be out Dated. Im not sure if ill give a leveling Guide because i like to Encourage people to actually Think about and Compare places depending on their Own Strengths and boredom. i will set out To Proove Whether a Dual or Katar is better for Hawkers, so enjoy the info im setting out

-So far What I know About Katar Hawkers Is Your Main stats are Dex Con Sen And STR in That order of importance.
-What your gonna want the most is really 4/3/2/1 Dex being 4...its really quite hard to make a good Katar Hawker, soo im going to make one myself and test things out.
-Also some people think that Sen Can Make Up for Con but im not so sure about that since i heard that a lot of High Lvl Monsters Can Dodge your Crit.
-The Katar Hawker's ATK is based off of STR and Dex kinda like this 60% Dex and 40% str that's for maximized damage.

-Another Important Thing im not sure about is Dual Weapons VS. Katars, Ive heard that because of the Lower ASPD that Duals Arent The Koolz but still they look kool and when you run they look even kooler.
-Duals Only Use Dex Str and Con for sure
-the Equation for perfect Damage with Duals is Supposedly 55% Str and 45% Dex or something along those Lines.
-Duals really Suck untill lvl 50 soo i wouldnt Suggest using Duals till 50 unless you get one of the Dex Requirement Duals with tons of G7's
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katar/dual hawker guide
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