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 Dealer Quest

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PostSubject: Dealer Quest   12/2/2007, 17:55

After level 20, dealers can start a quest at Ulyisys. He is located on the west side of Zant, halfway up. If you're able to do the quest, he offers it to you as the first thing he says. You tell him that you like some further dealer training.

He will ask you to get 15 items from bettles. You can find Bettles (formerly Beetlebugs) on the Breezy Hills map(formerly Hill of Wind). the best place is on the far east side of the map. It's the island that looks brown on the minimap.

Once you've got the items, go back to Ulyisys, and he tells you prices have changed, he can't take them anymore. He offers you Cobra Leather to sell at Breezy Hills instead. There's no point arguing with him- I tried, but he just gives you less cobra skins. I'm not sure if it affects the reward or quest requirements: read on first, and decide for yourself.

So go to the town in Breezy Hills and ask Mairath (the refining NPC) if he would like to buy Cobra Leather. He tells you that he can give you a weapon or cash, choose the weapon. Then he goes on to say that he wants you to bring him dalping (things) too. No point arguing with him at this stage either.

Dalpings can be found on the same island as before- a quick way to get there from where you are, is to head out the gate of the town and up to the tree straight ahead. Walk carefully around the tree till you're at the top of the cliff. It's important that you're on the far side of the tree, otherwise when you jump off the cliff, you'll get snagged by a fence down below. So, jump off the cliff towards the island. It's a bit difficult getting up the edge of the island, but if you go north a bit, there's an area where you can climb up (it's next to some rocks on the island, if that helps). This sounds like a lot of effort, but it really does save you a bit of walking Smile

Ok, so you're aimign for the snails this time- both dalpings and ranger dalpings give you the items. I have yet to get one from a hunter dalping, but maybe that's just my luck.

He doesn't tell you how many you need, but get at least 12, maybe he'll demand 15. If you come back after geting a few eggs, he explains that he wants 3 per Cobra Leather. Since I complained to ulysys earlier, I was only given 4 Cobra Leathers instead of 5. So, does that mean if you complained to ulysis you dont have to hunt as many Dalpings? Maybe...

Anyways, now that i've told you, don't bother coming back till you've got 12 or 15. Once you've got them, the offers you get to choose from are:

Long Sword [atk +2]
Gloria Gun [accuracy +3]
1,800 zulie (at least, that's what he offered me)

If you're going for the gun, remember that it's a level 29 item, so there's no particular rush to do this quest at level 20. I did mine at 26-27.
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PostSubject: Re: Dealer Quest   13/2/2007, 04:24

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Dealer Quest
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