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 just a slight exe prop

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PostSubject: just a slight exe prop   19/3/2007, 19:48

ok i installed the game yestaday i caldont get on so never relly used it but that aint the point lol

i went to bed turned the pc off till i got back from collage and i tryd to go on the game and do what i got told to make my account didont work but hay but i had a slight problem with the exe side of my comp i restarted my pc (had to) like 3 times evry time i ran the Rose exe to play the game it kinda didont work and all my exe's on my pc stoped working lol ane idear ? or is it just me lol
i had to reinstall the game to make it work
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PostSubject: Re: just a slight exe prop   19/3/2007, 22:47

If you mean that every icon on the Desktop disapear, you are not the only one.

If you update the icons will work.


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just a slight exe prop
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